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  • Maria Sonrisa

“Didn’t I do it for you” TikTok Trend: Borzoi Dogs Taking Over the Internet

You must be living under a rock if you still haven’t seen the Borzoi dogs trend that rules the internet. These cute long-head doggies have been going viral for more than 2 weeks! And for all the right reasons. Needless to say, the TikTok community is obsessed with the catchy “Didn’t I do it for you, Kermie” song and the creative twists this trend brought to us!

Let’s dive deeper into the trend now and explore the countless ways you can use it, too.

The catchy song we just can’t get out of our heads

The success of this TikTok trend is mainly due to the catchiness of the “Didn’t I do it for you” song. The same song many people online decide to rephrase to “Let me do it for you’”. Of course, it is the internet so you can use it both ways and people are still going to enjoy and relate to your content.

Here is a link to the viral TikTok sound:

Maybe it is because of the calming background music, or maybe it is the whispery childish distorted voice saying the catchy phrase “Didn’t I do it for you”. Or maybe it is the cute ending of the song after a long pause “Kermie”. Honestly, it is all of the above. You listen to this once and it is guaranteed stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

But where did that song come from?

The viral sound originates from the song Cellophane by FKA Twig. However, what you hear on TikTok is not the original lyrics. The original lyrics go: “Didn’t I do it for you? Why don’t I do it for you? Why won’t you do it for me? When all I do is for you?”. The TikTok trend is

So if the word Kermit (which TikTokers modified to “Kermie”) does not belong there, how did it come to be? Well, you, know - the internet is a wild place. Someone actually recorded a version, impersonating Miss Piggy serenading Kermit.

The Miss Piggy cover is actually a random voice note. So someone decided to upload their friend's voice note to YouTube, mixing it with piano accompaniment from Cellophane and creating the TikTok snippet everyone loves!

Borzoi dogs: the face of the TikTok trend

The catchiness and origin of the viral sensation song is not the only interesting fact about this TikTok trend. What makes this trend different and creative is the fact that is all about long-face dogs, also known as Borzoi.

Borzoi dogs have been gaining popularity and lots of love recently, thanks to the trend. They have literally turned into the face of the trend. And if you have a dog like this, then most probably random people sing to your pup: “Didn’t I do it for you” or “Let me do it for you, Kermie” every time you walk your dog. Yup, it’s this big.

What you need to know about the trend…

There are still debates on which was the video that initially started this Borzoi TikTok trend. Most people believe it was TikTok user @sugarthesilken and his Borzoi dog’s throwback videos.

But trends are a mix of factors and very often many people contribute to the success of a trend online. So here we give you some of the most trending videos that actually introduced the sound to the TikTok community masses:

Soon after, animation accounts like @drawzillazzz, @dude.dans_, and @nivoraanimation took over the trend. People got obsessed with the cuteness of the videos:

With the high interest in this viral trend, users and businesses began noticing small everyday things that remind them of Borzoi’s long heads. And so the trend grew with more innovative videos than ever.

Now, if you can find something that resembles a Borzoi, you can hop on the trend, too, and win the hearts of TikTok.

Who knows, you might even create a viral video, as these users did:

Take these videos as an inspiration for what you can do with the “Didn't I do it for you” trend while it’s still HOT!

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