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‘You as a Baby’ Trend on TikTok - Explained! [With Examples]

Are you ready for our weekly TikTok catch-up session? After individual accounts were obsessing over the ‘You as a Baby’ puppet videos for a while, this week brands are already picking up the trend with their own creative twist.

That was an expected turn of events. Especially considering that there is a new TikTok filter available now and brands no longer have copyright worries about stitching the original video.

If you still don't know what this trend is all about, how to pull it off or what sound and filter to use, keep on reading. We will share everything you need to know and give you examples of successful TikTok content!

Another ‘weird’ trend everyone is obsessed with

TikTok is one of the best social media platforms to build brand awareness and gain followers. But when it comes to marketing and sales strategies, advertising, and videos in general, digital marketers and social media managers have to leave everything they know about marketing, promotion, and sales out the TikTok door.

TikTok is like its own different universe and traditional ads and content practices simply do not work there. App users on TikTok tend to like and follow brands that exhibit more human behaviors, rather than just convincing people to buy their products.

In other words, successful brands on the platform have to follow what goes trending and be ready to jump on even the weirdest trends people are obsessing about.

The puppet from the TikTok trend 'You as a baby'
The puppet from the TikTok trend 'You as a baby'

The ‘You as a baby’ trend is the perfect example of a trend that anyone off TikTok would find odd and confusing. If you missed the joke or need some creative ideas on how to use this trend to your advantage, we will help you catch up.

How the ‘You as a Baby’ trend started?

Original video

TikTok user @mestreensinador1 is the creator of the puppet video, everyone is stitching right now. The video features a white puppet with a green hat named Tiburcio, soaring and wandering around a wooded area. Even though this user has many similar videos, this particular one took off and became the base of the ‘You as a Baby’ joke.

Origins of the puppet

The puppet on TikTok has an interesting origin story itself. Initially, the 'creature' was ‘found’ in 2020, buried in a bag in the dirt. Since digging it out as buried treasure, the user has built a whole online community, following the adventures of the puppet.

Start of the ‘You as a Baby’ toddler joke

But who actually did the whimsical creature duet first and started the trend? According to Know Your Meme, that would be TikTok user @iz.khalifa1, who stitched one of the videos back in October 2022, then again another video in November 2022. In the duets, she persuades her brother this is his baby video.

The second puppet-related TikTok was the one that started the trend:

TikTok parents adopted the trend immediately. Understandably, users got obsessed with the hilarious answers and funny toddler reactions, generating millions of views per video.

The most common phrases used in the stitching videos are “That’s you as a baby”, followed by “Do you remember?”. Sometimes kids naively believe it, while other times they have no clue what is happening and seem utterly confused by the viral puppet video.

To be honest, watching people show the clip to their little ones is another form of online amusement. Especially when the adults try to convince toddlers they were a puppet. The outcome of these videos is always funny and entertaining and shows just how innocent the child's mind is.

‘You as a Baby’ TikTok filter

While the trend started as TikTok duets, it quickly evolved. Right now, people can use a free filter that features the puppet dancing around.

The name of the TikTok filter is: you as a baby

Brands can use this filter to create relatable playful videos with their venue and services.

‘You as a Baby’ TikTok sound

Just like any other TikTok trend, the ‘You as a baby’ puppet videos have one thing in common - the sound. Whether you are an individual or a business on TikTok, you might need to use this sound to attract fans of the trend.

The name of the TikTok sound is: som original - Mestre Ensinador

Please note that you might need to browse a bit until you find the right sound. Look for the one with the most videos to it or find it via related videos (by typing “You as a baby” in the TikTok search field).


The relevant TikTok hashtags to use for this trend are #youasababy and #measababy.

Jumping on the ‘You as a Baby’ trend as a brand

People adore this trend! Videos with the toddler duet version and the version using the puppet filter are all going viral right now. Overall, the second option is more appropriate for business accounts as it gives you more creative freedom.

Find below some inspiration from brand accounts with huge and smaller followings:

As an owner, creator, or brand manager on TikTok, think of a way to incorporate the idea of the playful creature into your online world. No need to copy other brands or create the same as everyone else. One thing about TikTik is people love and praise original ideas and twists in popular trends.

Good luck!

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