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Solid Reasons to Invite Contributors to Write for Your Blog

Have you ever considered inviting guest writers to contribute to your blog? If yes, you are on the right track. If not, then maybe we can make up your mind and help you embrace the possibilities ahead of you.

Inviting contributors to write for your site is an effective way to run an optimized blog, validate the expertise and build authority for your brand.

Learn more about the reasons to invite contributors to write for you in this article:

Why Start a Contributor Program?

There is a lot of potential in starting a contributor program for your website. First of all, it is a great way to boost your SEO and generate content without wasting time, effort, or money. Thanks to the application process of contributor programs, you will always post high-quality articles, since you can always reject the sloppy ones.

Good content ranks better on Google and brings you more organic traffic. It could potentially bring you more leads from social media as well since both you and the writer will be sharing it on your respective accounts. More leads mean a bigger audience and more potential clients.

Blog guest writer working remotely from home living room

How Can Contributors Improve Your Business?

There are so many ways guest blogging is beneficial to your online presence and reputation. By entrusting your content in the hands of experienced writers, willing to dedicate their time and effort to your project, you can gain the following benefits:

  • SEO Boost

  • Effective link building

  • Increased organic traffic

  • Boost in leads and sales

  • Validation of expertise

  • Reputation advance

In its nature, contributing is free of charge. However, if you want to pay the writers who bring you quality content - feel free to do so! There are no specific rules to stick to, so proceed in a way that would most match your company policies.

When the deal is B2B, and the incentive is increasing awareness and building links, payment is optional. Most brands prefer to do free cross-contributing (writing blogs for each other) and affiliate deals, while others do it as a favor in exchange for certain tool access, products, or services.

However, in general, link-building services are almost always paid. And they could be expensive since usually, these writing deals happen between agencies and companies only with authoritative and well-ranked websites that are looking for ways to further scale and improve their SEO.

For the companies looking for guest blogging services…

Our team of professional content writers with over 10 years of experience can take on your blog projects. We can be your paid guest bloggers for a few articles or you can hire us to be your full-time content management team that will help you power up your corporate blog. Book a meeting with our Content Consultant for a Free Initial Consultation now.

For the freelancers interested in guest blogging opportunities…

VEEL Content runs a creator-friendly contributor program for every freelancer or content writer who wants to build their starting links or embrace new writing opportunities. Feel free to reach out and present us with your digital-related articles and ideas.

If you want to write for us by becoming a contributor, you can apply with your unpublished projects or work on a topic of our choice. When you send us your original content, we will analyze it and if we approve it, we would publish it with your name as an author.

We are also open to cross-contribution.

Get in touch to learn more about these opportunities!


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