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7 Proactive Methods & Resolutions to Encourage Backlinking

Have you ever wondered how some people reach your website without your advertisements or finding you on Google? Or how can you lead more search bots to your site to get more organic traffic? Well, it is all about backlinking and building a stable backlink network.

Keep on reading to learn what is backlinking, how backlinks work, and why you should encourage backlinking to improve the online presence and reputation of your business online.

What is Backlinking, and How to Do It?

You may be wondering what is backlinking and how you can do it to benefit your business. In simple words, backlinking is using an external link that leads to your website or page. Quality backlinks are those that are leading to your page and are coming from a reputable and credible source or website with high domain authority.

There is great value in backlinking for SEO since they work as a vote of confidence and endorsement from one site to another site. In other words - the backlinks to your page are the signal that is being sent to the search engines that other people are vouching for your content.

Now that we have the website backlinks explained, and when we know how backlinks work, we can simply go to the next step - how to encourage backlinking in our website for better search engine ranking and organic traffic.

7 Helpful Ways to Encourage Backlinking Using These Proven Techniques

Here are 7 helpful ways to encourage backlinking, using proven techniques:

1. Upload Shareable Content

The content you post is essential when it comes to quality backlinks. You should be posting shareable content that people can easily read, connect with and find relevant. The best content for backlink with SEO is the one that creates value.

Check out some of the main digital content formats that people engage and interact with the most:

  • How-To Articles

  • List Articles

  • Guides

  • Quizzes

  • Engaging Videos

  • Infographics

In order to make people share your content, it has to be entertaining and evoke emotions. So, you can write some compelling headlines, you can tell a story, use visuals, and, most important - make all sharing buttons visible.

2. Host Educational Webinars

One great thing to do that will lead to backlinks with high domain authority is to host educational webinars. If marketed right and if the topic is interesting, webinars could be attended by many people. And that means they would also be shared by many people, so they are working as an amazing backlink network.

3. Conduct Interviews

Another thing you can do to encourage backlinking is to conduct interviews. You can stream interviews live; upload a pre-taped video interview; or start a podcast on YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, or another viral platform. It will all work as great sources for backlinking. Just make sure the topic and guest are relatable so the content could spark a lot of interest.

What you can do is look for some relevant topics that are being shared by many people. Choose one that seems very popular, find experts in the fields, and conduct interviews. Make sure that the content creates value and has attractive headlines and clear buttons for sharing.

4. Create Catchy Infographics

One of the top ways to encourage backlinking is by creating catchy infographics. Everybody loves simple and informative visuals. They are straightforward, easy to read, and easy to understand, and of course - infographics are attractive. That makes them one of the most shareable online content.

You can create an appealing infographic, and it will most likely become a goldmine of backlinks. Many people will be using it, sharing it, and looking at it. So, make sure your creative infographics concept is easy to share and actually provides value to the readers.

5. Employ Guest Bloggers & Contributors

Even the most popular blogs accept contributors and guest bloggers. Needless to say, this is one great way of encouraging backlinking for your website. Furthermore, this viable strategy of developing backlinks may lead to an even wider target audience.

One thing you can do is start a contributor program to encourage writers to share their content for exposure. Another option is to employ guest bloggers to write articles for your website or blog. Once you publish their work, they will surely share the link on their social media and add it to their page or digital portfolio.

6. Be Active on Social Media

Be active on social media platforms if you want to encourage backlinking. Share your original content on your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. Make sure your target audience has access to all the data you are posting. Find some forums and be active there, too.

It is important that you share unique and interesting information that would make people curious and take notice of your brand. You may also make attractive headings and posts that lead to an article on your website, this will also create backlinks. It is all about creativity, active participation, and sharing valuable content.

7. Fix Broken Links

Last but not least, if you want to encourage backlinking, you should report and fix all the broken links corresponding to your website. You may locate broken links with the help of the Google Search Console or any of the numerous free SEO audit tools online such as:

At some time in your digital journey, you surely have clicked on a link that leads to a non-existent page. This may be frustrating for you, but from an SEO standpoint, broken links are detrimental and negatively impact your search engine rankings. So what you need to do is make sure you replace or remove all the internal and external broken links on your site.

Why Explore Backlinking Opportunities?

There are many advantages of backlinking. Authoritative backlinks will inevitably increase your organic traffic as they help customers find you and confirm that your website is secure and reliable.

Here are some of the main benefits of backlinks that are bound to make your business more successful and credible:

  • Better SEO performance and visibility

  • Boost in organic and referral traffic

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Higher domain authority

  • Higher revenue

Are you ready to encourage backlinking and build a stable backlink network?

Get in touch with the VEEL Content team to learn more about our guest blogging, SEO, and link-building opportunities, or send us a DM on social media @veelcontent.


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