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70 Best Cyrillic Fonts in Canva for Branding and Social Media

Are you looking for free and nice Cyrillic fonts in Canva to elevate your branding strategy? You are in the right place! In this article, I will share with you some of the most unique Cyrillic fonts you can find for your business.

Cyrillic symbols and letters are common in many languages such as Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Ukrainian. No matter the language, if you create content using Cyrillic what font you use makes a huge difference. However, the options for Cyrillic fonts in Canva are quite limited compared to the Latin fonts.

It is challenging to find a beautiful Cyrillic font style online that not only covers the basic letters and numbers, but also some special Cyrillic font symbols. Searching for the right typography for your business could be somewhat frustrating. If you have to go through all the 1000+ typefaces in Canva alone, finding the right font could take hours.

As a content consultant for VEEL Content, it is my job to make sure the content agency gets the right brand representation in multiple languages, even those using the Cyrillic alphabet. In order to do that, it is vital for me to know all the best Cyrillic fonts in Canva, and on the internet.

And since I’ve done my research on Cyrillic typography already, I want to share with you some of the most amazing fonts you can use in your branding designs and social media that would make your business stand out.

The 70 Best Free Cyrillic Fonts in Canva

There are some amazing free Cyrillic fonts in Canva that you can use in your designs. They vary in style and typography. So no matter if you are looking for something serious and bold, something playful with interesting elements, basic lettering, or handwritten fonts, there is always a right fit.

Take a look at some of the most unique Cyrillic fonts you may find in the free version of Canva:

Traditional Cyrillic fonts

Are you looking for Canva fonts that best convey Slavic tradition and culture? With authentic scripts and lettering, these traditional Cyrillic fonts might be just what your brand needs:

  • Kompot Display

  • TT Nooks Script

  • Atteron

  • Mak

  • Neucha

  • Podkova ExtraBold

  • Ardeco

  • Playfair Display Black

  • Komsomol

  • Forum

List of top 10 traditional Cyrillic fonts in Canva

Professional fonts supporting Cyrillic lettering

Do you prefer classic Canva fonts to create professional-looking designs for your business? Worry not. Next, you can see some of the most impressive corporate typefaces that support Cyrillic letters and symbols:

  • Bebas Neue

  • Null

  • Archive

  • Molot

  • Oswald

  • Blogger

  • Days

  • Peace Sans

  • Rafale

  • Sugo Display

List of top 10 professional Cyrillic fonts in Canva

Creative fonts with Cyrillic alphabet

In Canva, there are also quite a lot of fonts that are a bit more creative, urban, and unconventional. You can use them to make bold and artsy designs that could capture the attention of your target audience:

  • Sprite Graffiti

  • Bernier Shade

  • Coco Biker

  • Metropolis

  • Kompot Styled

  • Arturo Outline

  • Borsok

  • Guerilla

  • Bogart Black

  • Val

  • Stadio Now Display

  • Lazy Dog

List of top 12 Creative Cyrillic fonts in Canva

Handwritten Cyrillic fonts

In case you need handwritten-style fonts, there are some nice options in Canva. They look playful and authentic. Rest assured these fonts would work wonders for your designs when you need to recreate anything written by hand in Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Serbian, or Russian:

  • Flow

  • East Sea Dokdo

  • SK Moralist

  • Six Hands Maker

  • Berton

  • Mulled Wine Season

  • Sensei

  • Lumious Marker

  • Rocking Horse

  • Lemon Tuesday

List of top 10 Handwritten Cyrillic fonts in Canva

Romantic Cursive fonts in Cyrillic

Minimalistic brands adore these types of Cyrillic fonts in Canva. The sleek italics handwriting style, also known as cursive, is very subtle, smooth, and calming, as it has a feminine and empowering vibe to it. Check our suggestions below:

  • Anastasia Script

  • Liana

  • Sisterhood

  • Sulu Script

  • Six Hands Chalk

  • Hortensia

  • Nefelibata Script

  • Dreaming Outloud Script

  • The Youngest Script

  • Marc Script

List of top 10 Romantic Cursive Cyrillic fonts in Canva

Bold Cursive Cyrillic fonts

Bold cursive fonts are extremely popular. That is why almost any business includes this kind of typeface in their branding strategy. These styles are easier to read than classic romantic cursives and handwriting fonts since they are a perfect mix of both:

  • Brusher Cyrillic

  • Another Shabby

  • Lobster

  • Bukhari Script

  • Pacifico

  • Adam Script

  • Nautilius Pompilius

  • Magnolia Script

List of top 8 Bold Cursive Cyrillic fonts in Canva

Futuristic Cyrillic fonts for tech

Searching for tech-friendly fonts with a futuristic vibe? Canva has a few really good alternatives that are compatible with the Cyrillic symbols, so you can assemble amazing creatives:

  • Quad AC

  • Angelica

  • Sulu

  • Lotus Eater Sans

  • SK Concretica

  • Nine by Five

  • Cinematografica

  • Silverfake

  • Rubik Mono

  • Tenor Sans

List of top 10 Tech & Futuristic Cyrillic fonts in Canva

How to download Cyrillic font online and upload it to Canva?

These amazing fonts with a Cyrillic typeface will surely change the way you create designs for your brand. But do you have to 100% stick to the typography styles you see in Canva? No. In fact, if you have Canva Pro and you manage to find and download cool fonts for Cyrillic letters online, you can upload and use them for your layouts and creatives.

Step one: Research, find and download Cyrillic fonts

There are a few ways to find the best font for Cyrillic outside of Canva. By harnessing the power of search engines to discover font websites or by purchasing a custom font from a graphic designer. Of course, you need to make sure the typography is not copyrighted or that you have paid the creator for the rights to use a certain font.

If you search for Cyrillic fonts Google will show you as results many typography websites. To spare you the research, I have gathered all the best websites where you can some great free (and paid) fonts. These websites are secure and safe to access and download fonts from:

Feel free to browse these websites. They all have a Cyrillic filter, so it is easier to go through all your options. Once you download your desired typography, you will get the fonts in a compressed archive file (.zip, .rar, etc), or as a TrueType font file (.ttf).

Always extract the font files from the archived files!

Step two: Install outsourced Cyrillic fonts in Canva

After you have the TrueType font files (.ttf) available, it is time to upload your Cyrillic fonts to Canva. Here is how to do that step by step:

  1. Open any Canva project you are working on

  2. Click on any text box

  3. Click on the current font name displayed in the top menu

  4. On the left side of the screen, Canva will open a list of fonts you can choose from

  5. Click the button “Upload a font” at the bottom of the font list

  6. Find the directory where the downloaded Cyrillic font is stored

  7. Select the .ttf file with the name of the font

  8. Agree that you have the right to use this font

  9. Wait until the font is uploaded to Canva

The whole process takes 30 seconds. After the upload is complete, you will see the new Cyrillic font appear in the fonts list in the Uploaded fonts section in Canva. And voila. Start using your new typeface right away!

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Nina Baigashkanova
Nina Baigashkanova
14 nov. 2023

an amazing article, the best i could find! Thank you very much!

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